Facail aig an Oir : Words at the Edge

These songs offer stories of encounters with the River Urr, which flows through the scenic landscape of the Stewartry region of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. They are part of a project developed by the Urr Collective, made up of myself and two poets, Angus Macmillan and Davie Douglas using the Urr as their muse.

EP cover photo Louise Howarth:  21stcenturyartistwoman.com

My experiences of the Urr are of both recreation and reliance. I have lived and worked by its water;
seen it greedily swallow whole fields after a storm,
then shrink back, sated, to become playful and
meandering once more.

I’ve walked within it, letting it guide me in its flow,
Learning where it bends and rushes.

It has washed me, my clothes and my pots and pans. Its
bacteria have poisoned me and it has cooled me during
hot summer days.

Its song has soothed me to sleep and its roar has woken

The Urr has been my friend, my parent, my tormentor.

Thanks to Creative Scotland who funded this project.