Over the past year I have been writing music for multiple voices. My first two pieces were written in 2016 for Cairn Chorus Community Choir in Moniaive, South West Scotland. The first, Fly was debuted at Eden Festival and the second, Saturé was performed at the Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival in June 2017 as part of a song cycle of original pieces composed for the choir.

Saturé is a response to the indiscriminate and unrepentant rain in the Glencairn valley, and the stoicism it brings out in the folk who have seen the rivers rise and relent time and time again.

Follow this link for a video of the performance of Saturé which features the Scottish Ensemble.

I have also arranged a number of poetry pieces and old songs, including this version of an old Gypsy song, Posy Rhyme. It features myself and Anna Tagg on  vocals, Wendy Stewart on harp and a number of the Cairn Chorus backing us up. Introduced by Kate Howard.